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Arctic Voices is a nonprofit human rights/environmental organization, the leadership of which is composed of an international group of Native citizens from Alaska and adjacent Canada as well as people from the "lower 48," whose mission is to give a voice to the Arctic cultures (Eskimo Indian and others), the wildlife, and the land of this Arctic region of North America. We accomplish this by providing a forum for the Native people and others who are at risk from fossil fuel extraction in the Arctic by recording their life stories and presenting these stories verbatim in book form, both paper books and e-books.

We are just now launching free video mini-lectures by Arctic Voices' Chairman, Dr. Harvard Ayers, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Ayers has spent several weeks every summer for the last 10 years, taking his Anthropology students to the Arctic and conducting the interviews of the Eskimo, Indian and other citizens of the Arctic. This video series—see the titles of these free videos on the next page—is the latest means of amplifying the voices of the people of the Arctic. Please feel free to join Dr. Ayers for these timely videos about offshore/onshore drilling's and global warming's severe impacts on the Arctic cultures.

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